Monday, September 21, 2009

Riley's First Fish

I remember the first time we took Riley fishing - it was windy and man did she loves the worms. It's also when Joey got slightly addicted to fishing, so much so that I thought about starting a worm farm - something I'm still considering, especially now that I have two, slightly addicted, fishermen in my house (or should I say fisherpersons since one is a boy and what is a girl).
Riley and Daddy went fishing last night and Riley was so excited that daddy let her put a real hook and worm on her pole...............and that she caught two fish, both of which were bigger than the one fish that Daddy caught.
See that big one on the left - that was my baby's first fish, how awesome is that!

It was pretty dark when they got home though so cute pics outside were out of the question, instead we opted for the great back drop of the dishwasher, and you can tell she was pretty much done with the pics at this point. (Oh, I must point out that yes she went fishing in dress-up clothes, I'm telling you she'd wear those everywhere if you'd let her!)

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Leslie said...

OMg the Future fashion model fishes too? WTH? LOL