Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess What My Girl Rode On

So I know I've mentioned it before - but my girl doesn't love animals - she has always been very hesitant of them, especially dogs. We have to carry her nearly anytime we are outside at Joey's parents house unless they put the dog in her pen. She's even leary of cats - and we have one, I don't get it - she's never been bit, or hurt, but I guess they just aren't her thing - but we're hoping she grows out of that!

Imagine my surprise when she says "I wanna ride the pony" - and I hate to admit this, but my first thought was "yeah it's five bucks, we'll pay that and then you won't ride" - terrible wasn't I. I was totally wrong, she hoped up there and rode like a pro, I was so proud of her.
She was so proud that she was petting him while she was riding!
She knew we were proud, so very proud, you can tell by that little smirk!
Too bad that little arm band didn't cover the pony rides or I'm pretty sure that's where we would have been all night!
Thanks Cousin Ryan for leading my pony that way Cousin Hope and I could ride together!
Work that camera
Hope had to ride the pony too - funny thing is this girl probably has 20 horses at home that she rides all the time - even funnier she rode one in the parade all by herself that same day.
I was so very proud of Riley for riding two times and we can't wait until we can get the girls together to ride at Hope's house soon!! (and maybe Ryan and Linda won't make us pay $5) Hope sure is a good influence on Riley where animals are concerned - first the pet parade and then a pony ride, she'll be a country girl yet ;)

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