Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yeah for Gardens!!

So we took the leap and planted a garden at Papa Dub's this summer - and I have to say after we got the seeds in the ground, there wasn't much that we did to care for them after that point, but Riley was still super excited to have her own garden.

Our peas - well they dried up, the carrots - never saw the light of day, nor did the peppers - now the corn, cucumbers and watermelon all made appearances and while they would have probably done a little (ok a lot) better if we had weeded them regularly and all that stuff you are supposed to do with a garden, we are still excited that we've had some produce that was all our own.

The watermelons were probably the most exciting part of the garden for Riley though - partly because hers were bigger than Papa's and partly because, well she loves watermelon and when it's pricey her mean old Mom doesn't let her get them at the grocery store!
Imagine her excitement when Papa sent this home last night!!
Yeah - the outfit is a Riley original, and don't mind the fact that she has salsa on her face, we're three remember, we're allowed to be totally adorable in something that adults could never pull off :)

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