Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Starts Today :)

The Black Walnut Festival, the food, the rides, the fun, the silly traditions that we grow up with and would be so sad if we missed out on - it all starts today and we sure are excited at our house.
What - you don't think Taylor looks excited?

Schedule of events - and yes we realize we'll be totally worn out by the end of the week!!
Wednesday -
Tractor Pull
Riley did tell me she didn't think she would do this because "she'd probably wait until she was 4"
Edit - she did it and pulled 2'5"
Big Blow-up Slide
let's hope they have a try it for free so your kids get hooked hour or two like they did last year!
Edit - yeah not free and for $8 we could find some other entertainment - bummer
Thursday -
Terrapin Race
Yes we have two turtles and so far neither have escaped, unlike previous years, let's hope they are fast!
Edit - so we didn't win, but both girls got tickets, which is nice since rides are $3 each
Yeah for arm band night
Edit - Riley & Hope had a blast, Riley even rode a pony and went thru the petting zoo, she's not normally a hands on animal person by any means, they really freak her out and Mama has to hold her
Little Cedar Band performs
Wow - I work with a guy who has a new band and they'll be performing, how cool is that
Edit - they did great, Riley had fun dancing the night away
Friday -
Pet Parade
who doesn't love a kid dragging a cute little animal across the stage, especially when they are all dressed up in costume. We like to watch just to see what people will bring (seriously - iguanas & hedgehogs)
Edit - so my nomally fearful of animals girl not only walked with Hope and her puppy, but carried Hope's bunny named Splash - and the girls won 5th place - awesome (and another free ride ticket)!
Talent Show
Go Gabby, we hope you win!
Saturday -
Dance Performance
My baby performs with her dance class on the big stage
Edit - boy did she make us proud, she looked nervous, but she performed like a pro and loved the fact that so many people came to watch (thanks everyone!)
What better way to get a years worth of free candy then going to a parade
Dance/Tumbling Performance
Again - go Gabby go
Queen Contest
So we probably won't watch, but maybe we'll sneak a peek over there and say Go Stockton


Leslie said...

wow that is one busy time ....Taylor does look precious as always she looks sooo much like her sister!!!!!!!!


Jenelle said...

We got so much candy today! I bet you all did too.