Saturday, September 19, 2009

Splish Splash They Were Taking A Bath

Awe - sister baths, I remember those fondly, except for the one time that maybe there was something brown floating in the water and it shouldn't have been, I remember making a pretty fast escape out of the tub that time, but other than that how much fun is it to take a bath with a sister. We've reached the point where Taylor is pretty much too big for sponge baths with her sling, she's just too long and wiggly, and the baby tub is still in the garage so our options are either showers or sorta sling baths with sister, and let me tell you - they both love the second option best!!
Riley thought it was "fantastic" when I asked her if Taylor could hop in for the last few minutes of her bath and did an excellent job letting out some of the water so Taylor wouldn't be in too deep. She also did a great job talking to her while I washed her real quick and Taylor loves the water already so no problems there.
She did give sister a few funny looks, but those happen pretty regularly, Riley is always acting silly and Taylor has to be wondering what in the world she's doing........or maybe trying to figure out how she can be just like her I guess I'm not sure at this point.

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Jenelle said...

I think if I were Taylor, I'd probably give Riley some strange looks too. :) I love the bath pics!