Friday, October 31, 2008

FFF - Fun with Uncle James

Our mission from Sarah this week was just to pick a favorite picture of the week.........we'll I couldn't pick just one, and these are in no way fantastic photos from a photography stand point but, they really did capture (for me at least) the fun that Riley had with her Uncle James on Wednesday night!! He was such a good sport and did this over and over and over with her!! I bet his arms were sore the next day :)

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Can We Mess Up Rice Krispy Treats?

Riley and I had a great plan! Instead of buying candy treats for her friends at the babysitter's house, we were going to make Rice Krispy Treats - we even went and bought special sprinkles to make them festive (but Riley picked out stars, so I'm not sure how Halloween-ish they were).

Don't you just love the smear of marshmallow on her face :)

We melted the marshmallows and butter, just like the recipe called for, we dumped the box of cereal in and stirred for what seemed like an eternity to get everything all mixed up. Then we smooshed them in the pan - we made really thick ones because these were going to be a special treat. After they cooled a bit, Riley added the sprinkles and then she sampled the left overs in the bowl.............and then..........we waited for them to cool.So after they cooled, they were not fantastic, they were extra buttery (even though I followed the recipe) or maybe the cereal was stale or something (even though I had bought it at the store not 30 minutes before we tackled the project). Anyway, something wasn't right, they were ok, but definitely not gift-giving-worthy, so we went to the store and bought her friends some candy instead. Anyone want a treat? They aren't the best, but they are ok.......I just wish I knew what went wrong!!

Have you ever had anything like this happen - a seemingly simple recipe, which you've made 1,000 times go not-so-great when you certainly didn't have enough time to make another batch?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Week I Skipped Work :)

Let me start by saying I love my job, I really do, I even love (most) of the people I work with, and I definitely do not dread going to work everyday..........of course I'd rather be at home, but there's something about the electric company and the mortgage company.........they want the bills paid and that requires money. Anyway, I'm already way off track and I've just started this post, so I better get back to it!

Last week, Riley and I tagged along with Joey to a conference. I skipped work and we had three days of just playing while poor Daddy had to go to meetings and do work stuff stuff. It was a blast, we really had the best time! We wandered around the hotel, we ate at McDonald's and played in the Play Place, we did a little shopping, and just enjoyed each other's company - just what Mommy and Riley needed!

The trip didn't start out that great though, I'm not sure if my poor girl was car sick or if the bathroom we were in was really stinky (I can't smell, and it had a utility sink and old mops and cleaners and stuff and Riley did ask me with a wrinkled up nose what that smell was). Never before have a seen what happened though. She was sitting on the potty.......and she puked, right in her lap. Not a bit got in her hair, on her face or shirt, but yep, her undies and pants, definitely puke-ified. Glad we had a whole suitcase full of clothes in the car!

She was quite concerned after we'd been at the hotel for awhile though when she realized there was no tv..........She was sure "the workers weren't supposed to put it there" when she finally discovered it and was fairly certain that "they needed to go to time-out."

She also told me that:

  • Boys are made of dirt (amazing the tidbits they pick up on in Sunday School)
  • Not to smell her feet because they were stinky (she hadn't even taken her shoes off yet)
  • I sure do love you mommy....... and daddy too, and the kitty (melt my heart!)
  • You need to buy presents for my birthday, it's next (and didn't even fuss when we went in a toy store and came out completely empty handed)
  • You know that silly daddy, he's kinda crazy sometimes, we need to give him a whoopin'

PS - Joey won something, really, he thinks it was the first time ever in his whole life, he won an Ipod Shuffle by tossing a business card into a vendor's drawing - yeah Joey!

Wordless Wednesday - Wait mom I don't have my whole costume on

Sneaky how I put my caption in the title huh :)

We took this pic this morning as Riley was getting ready for her "Party Day" at the babysitter. I think it's great that she gets to dress up more than once - she's really into that right now :) I'll post some more pics this weekend with her whole outfit......until then you'll just have to imagine what else we can add to this gorgeous Cowgirl Outfit (I just LOVE the chaps!)

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenelle

One of my best friends ever is having a birthday today, I won't tell you how old she is, but go give her some comment love today :)
At our class reunion this summer - and looking for a pic made me realize, I have very few pics of my friends anymore, just their kiddos
Jenelle & silly Colter

Happy Birthday Jenelle, I love you!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

FFF - Pumpkin Patch

Sarah, you must have been reading my mind! I've been meaning to post pumpkin patch pics for a couple of weeks now and haven't got it done - thanks for making it this weeks FFF theme so I finally had the motivation to get it done :) Check out more FFF posts here (not a direct link I'm not really here so I'm posting ahead).

The pumpkins were finally ready - woohoo (we had a wet summer, it took them awhile to ripen so our first trip got cancelled). We debated on which farm to go to, but we liked that you were able to actually cut your pumpkins from the vine and that it was Christian based - awesome, go God!!

Not one super good group photo the whole time -
this is one of the "best"
Cousin Cayman, Cousin Hope & Riley

The weather was gorgeous and the kids We took Riley and two cousins, Hope & Cayman, with us and the three of them had a great time on the way down there. There was not an inch to spare between their seats in the back of our Vue and Joey nearly had a melt-down but that's beside the point :) He has decided though - he's not opening a day care facility anytime soon hehehe.
This place was so cool - they had a teepee, a little train ride thing, a sand box, a hayride to the patch, a 4 acre Pumpkin Patch where you could wander until you found the perfect pumpkin and then really cut it from the vine, a scarecrow contest, lots of room to run, and a corn maze (that had a short version and a long version - they must have kids because that is the smartest thing ever, especially when the kids are leading the way).

Did I mention they had snacks too? That made this girls day!

And this girl, she melts my heart!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Decisions are hard

Even for this sweetie - decisions are hard! Come back Friday to see more Pumpkin Patch Photos :) Thanks Hampton's Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze for some great memories!! We can't wait to come back again next year!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Group photos will get easier right?

A full day of Pumpkin Patch a couple of weekends ago - and not one successful group shot where everyone was looking at me and completely in the picture. This will get easier as they get older right? Checkout more Wordless Wednesday posts here or here (these aren't direct links since I'm not really here and posting ahead).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where has the time gone

I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks, we'll have a THREE year old. Where did the time go, just yesterday (or at least it feels like yesterday) she was perfectly content to snooze in my arms for hours on end and dependent on me for everything. Now, she is a running, jumping, story telling, silly face making, talking-my-ear-off toddler - can't you see the ornery in the pic below. Sigh........but at least that means we get to plan a birthday party, and those are always exciting!!! If you are coming to Riley's party and don't want to spoil the fun, then please quit reading, I'm too excited to wait and share everything after the party though so I'm going to post some of it now!! (November 1st, 10am by the way - please RSVP if you don't mind - invitations are on their way)
After debating we decided on a Super Sleuth party, Riley just loves the show My Friends Tigger and Pooh and it seems like it will be pretty easy and fun for the kids.

We are going to go on a Super Sleuth adventure because the cupcakes are missing - how can we have a birthday party without cake? Along the way of course we'll have to "think, think, think" just like they do on the show and hopefully we'll all be able to say "this mystery is history" before we're done. Joey will honk Riley's bike horn and pull up a homemade Super Sleuth flag for the adventure to begin (and since we don't have a flag pole, the local carpet shop said we could have a carpet roll tube - yeah Lakeside Interiors!).

To Start -
  • The kids are going to get Super Sleuth masks like Pooh wears (made out of craft foam)
  • We are going to use magnifying glasses (made out of yogurt lids & craft sticks painted black)
  • And official Super Sleuth badges printed from here

The Adventure -

  • While we are looking for the cupcakes, another flag will come up that the bouncy balls are missing - we'll have to find those and then make some baskets on Riley's little basketball goal.
  • Then after all that exercise, Pooh is going to be very hungry. So hungry that he needs some honey so we are going to make some homemade slime tinted yellow (honey of course). We'll play with that for a bit, then put it in baggies for the kids to take home.
  • Finally we'll find the cupcakes in the oven (cooled of course) and the kids will get to put icing on them as they please and use licorice or sprinkles if they want to make the ? for the super sleuth symbol or just go crazy.
The food -
  • Lemonade, Tea & Water
  • We'll have fruit, I just can't do only sugary stuff, it's not in me
  • Cookies or Brownies - maybe both :)
  • Cupcakes for the kids to decorate
  • Cupcakes already done up for the adults (iced yellow and green and placed into the signature logo)

  • Ice cream - not sure what kind yet :)
  • Plates and stuff are pretty simple - blue and yellow, nothing fancy at all

The favors -
  • I'm going to put these in simple brown paper bags, which I might have them decorate in the beginning, or I might not, haven't decided yet - probably depends on the weather
  • They'll get to take home their mask, magnifying glass, badge & "honey" that we made together
  • I'll add in a pack of Honey Grahams
  • Maybe a crazy straw
  • Some candy of course
  • I'm making Eye Spy Bags and I'm really hoping the kids like them and understand them. You take a piece of fabric and make a basic square pillow, but you make a window in one of the flat sides side using heavy plastic (I got mine from the heavy plastic bags sheets, etc come in). You fill this "pillow" up with rice and little items for kids to find like a penny, a bead, a jingle bell, small silk flower, etc and then stitch it closed. They shake it around and look for the items thru the window to try and find everything on the list. I really should have made one of these before now to see if Riley even liked it or understood it since she'll be the youngest one there - but, well I didn't, so hopefully the kids like them!

Time to go home - thanks for coming!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flashback to Hope's Birthday

FFF (favorite foto friday) a few weeks ago, I posted a few pics from Riley's sweet cousin Hope's birthday. The kids had so much fun!! They played and ran and petted a cow, and a horse, and a goat if they could catch one, they played in a playhouse, they pushed each other in a wagon, my oh my, they were busy and they played great together! It was such a fun afternoon with wonderful weather. Thanks Ryan & Linda for inviting us!!
Look at these awesome bubble blowers -
so much easier for little BIG girls than the wands! Meet Shrek - he was getting horns which the kids thought was awesome! David & Hope were super brave, Riley took a minute to warm up to him. Look how sweet they are - they were talking about something sneaky I'm sure :)

These girls have it made!
But I won't tell you the boys ended up going too fast down the hill and ditching them, thankfully they stopped before the big tree stopped them.
Hope giving her Uncle Dub (Riley's Papa) some love!! What a sweetie!!!
Check out this card - her finger is the elephant's trunk, awesome!
Ladies and gentlemen, this princess can hold her own! On more than one occasion I saw her put David in his place!
And this princess, well I love her to pieces, but checkout this outfit!
Crown - check, but upside down and backwards, wings - yep, glittery shirt - yep but don't try and fasten it because then it can't blow when you run, skirt-yep, wand - of course, dirt-just a little, princess outfit complete!
And probably my favorite pic of the day - Cayman, sorry I cut you off man, I didn't mean too!