Tuesday, September 15, 2009

V for Victory

It was a long walk around the track on Saturday night, so long that Riley almost changed her mind about being mascot - she wasn't sure, there were a lot of people - but just as the game was getting ready to start (and after she was already hot and sweaty from running and playing) - she decided she was brave, she could do it.
We opted against putting on the hood, it was just too hot outside, and I probably should have painted a little nose and some whiskers on her face, but even without them, isn't she the cutest little tiger!
She would only do it because she could stand by Cousin Gabby though - she loves her!
And then Olivia was there, they're best buds you know.
She sure looked cute out there!
and she tried her best to do all the cheers just like the big girls - even the ones she didn't already know!! Good job Riley Jean!

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Leslie said...

congrats sweet Riley you rock!!!