Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goooooo Tigers

She knows the cheers, she's got at least two sets of pom poms, she loves football games more than any other three year old I know and now she's ready to cheer, with the Mighty Mites, for real, as Mascot - and she's excited.
We'll see if she'll really get out there - she thinks the outfit is a little itchy, but if we wear clothes under it and it's not too hot, she says she might really get out there - that would be so cool!
Ladies and gentlemen - we have a new mascot in town (thanks Cousin Tracy!!)


Leslie said...

LOL you have tiger i have a dino..goodtimes!

Tracy said...

You are very welcome!! She was great and adorable!!

Jenelle said...

Did she really???? I bet she loved it! Is she going to be able to do it again? After watching her moves at the nut fest, I'm sure she did awesome!