Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our FIRST Snow!

When we woke up this morning and looked outside - we saw this - the first snow of the winter, yeah!!! Riley was VERY excited and her first question was "Is it Christmas?" Funny how she thinks those two go together already. So we did what any normal parent would do and let Riley play outside in her pajamas before church. Cheese-ing it up for the camera.

Making sure everyone sees she's wearing her snowboots (to actually play in the snow as opposed to wearing them all summer for dress-up as she's used to doing) Fuzzy - but cute, she was SOOOO excited to run and play, even though she kept saying "I'm freezin". She thought the trampoline felt kinda "weird" but loved throwing snowballs just the same. This winter will definitely be the most fun one yet - she's old enough to really play out in the white stuff and have fun.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Thankful

So thankful today and always for our family and friends!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riley LOVES Her New Shirt

Steve, which would be "My Steve" if you asked Riley, gave her a new shirt yesterday. It was a softball shirt from this fall and a tad bit big, but Riley was SOOO proud she had to wear it to the basketball scrimmage last night. I'm not really sure how the scrimmage went, Riley was pretty busy so all I really know is there were boys and girls playing, and we stopped to cheer every now and then, and Riley had 3 cookies, but mostly we were playing and Riley was excited to see "Her Steve" and show him her new shirt and sit on his lap :)
Riley and Daddy being ornery I'm sure
Her little model pose - where did she learn this?
Jumping on Mommy & Daddy's bed is a favorite

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back

Hey everyone, you might have wondered why my Mommy hasn't been posting pretty pics of me and talking about all the great things I've been doing the last few days, that's because I've been a little under the weather so she was snuggling with me instead. I'd like to tell you I'm feeling better now though so she's already started snapping cute pics and thinking of all the very important things she needs to tell you (like the fact that I'm saying things like "That's just not right" and "Daddy can I wear your tree coat" and "Mommy, I'll be brave" and asking Daddy to sing High School Musical in the Walnut Festival talent show with me next year).

As a side note, if you get eye drops because you have a really bad cold and the dr says that it's starting to turn into pink eye, not like the contagious kind, but the kind because your head is all plugged up and the goo has no place to go, the drops hurt really bad and if you don't cooperate, your mommy has to hold you real tight, so tight you might even have to throw a little fit and say things like "Mommy, please don't hold me so tight, Momma no" and make your Mommy feel really bad and sad. But then, in a couple of days, the drops won't hurt anymore and Mommy and Daddy will be very proud of you and if you are really good, will even let you open the bottle of eye drops all by yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back to feeling all better so have a great day!!

Oh yeah, and pray for my Grandma's friend Sandy, she has to have a big surgery tomorrow on her ear, they have to drill a hole in her head to do the surgery so it's kind of scary and dangerous. Hopefully she'll come thru find and heal up real fast, because it's almost Thanksgiving and she wants to be out of the hospital by then. She also wants to be real brave because they'll have to do the other ear in a few months.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess What

My Grandma 'Lene (Arlene) had a birthday last Friday. I won't tell you how old she is, because you know you never ask a lady her age. I cooked her dinner and it was fun - I especially liked that I got to wear my Minnie Mouse costume all night, even when I was eating.
Cousin Cayman and I worked real hard on her cake after dinner. Don't worry, we know it's only pretend, but man do I love this box of beans and my pretend food. I can play with this for hours!

You sure do have to stir a lot, I guess that's why mommy usually uses that really noisy mixer. I prefer the old fashioned way and so do my veggies.
The proud little chef (don't tell mommy, but I snuck two brownies that night too - it was a great night)

Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF - Kisses

Sarah's theme for FFF this week was blowing kisses.......hmmm........why can't I find any pictures of that? I know Riley does blow kisses - like every single day. Here are the closest pics that I could find :)
Get ready - here it comes
(I must confess that she's actually telling me a "snecret" in this pic, but it looks like she's getting ready to blow me a kiss doesn't it?)
And the send off - that was one big kiss!
July 2007 - Fish Kisses are the BEST!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Riley learned something new

Now that title is probably kind of silly, because if you have kids, or are around kids, you probably realize that they learn lots of new things.........on a daily basis, but Riley was pretty proud of herself when we were at Papa Larry's house on Tuesday - she learned to do something that she was pretty certain that only big girls could do......
She already knew she could hang like a monkey, or an acrobat, or a whatever she decides to be that day - she has a vivid imagination, but she learned that............
she could reach the swing with her feet and hang on - wow, that was something special and she was SUPER excited to show whoever would watch!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - help the tigers are getting me

Check out more Wordless Wednesday posts here or here - and have a great day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Great Visit, a Sad Good-bye

If you didn't know, my sister surprised us and we were all pretty excited about the almost 2 days we got to spend with her.
The "Cheese" face must run in the family :)
We ate a lot of food while she was here and all I contributed were chocolate chip cookies (thanks mom for the meals), Riley found a new boyfriend and we're still not sure if she's willing to share Aunt Sarah with him, thanks Andy for playing with her - you definitely made this 3 year old's day! We took a lot of pictures, duh, have you met my family - hehe.
Riley putting on her make up for Andy......oohhh (ps she was pretty upset when I wouldn't let her put on makeup before her 3 year old screening this morning because "I have to be beautiful for Andy" - I really didn't think we'd be dealing with this at 3 years old :)!!)
Riley "sharing" Andy with Aunt Sarah

Andy.......where are you?

Andy & Sarah
Yeah - I'm not sure what Riley was doing

We already had to say good-bye which is kinda sad, especially since we won't see her again until Christmas........unless she surprises us again which would be awesome!!! Have a great flight Sarah Rose!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Great Surprise

Last week we saw my sis like this - it was great, since we hadn't "seen" her since she went out to Seattle in August. Riley was so excited to talk to Aunt Sarah and even more excited that she was eating soup while she was talking to us (nope, it doesn't take much to entertain my girl). If you have a web cam on your computer - you should totally look into Skype! It's free and it's awesome to be able to see and talk to people who are far away - it kinda makes it not such a bummer!

Tonight I called my sis to see if she was available to talk again since we were heading to my parents' house and was pretty bummed that she didn't answer - guess what..........she showed up at my parents house, AWESOME! She had a secret plan and her bf, Andy (who Riley adores by the way), picked her up at the airport and brought her home. She's only in for a couple of days, but we were all super excited because we didn't think she was going to get to come home until Christmas.

THANKS for the great surprise Sarah Rose, and Andy you aren't grounded for not spilling the beans, but feel free to facebook message me next time, I promise to still act surprised :)