Friday, September 18, 2009

One Brave Girl!

Riley had a great day yesterday, Aunt Sarah came to play and stayed almost all day long, it was "awesome" as she put it. We fed the fish, we ate lunch at Sundae's and of course had to get ice cream for dessert, she didn't have to take a nap until really late in the afternoon, she and Aunt Sarah played outside A LOT, it was just a fun day.
Riley also got really dirty from playing outside and a couple of times throughout the evening she mentioned that she had something blue on her toe (I would have called it brown but whatever) and I told her it was fine, she said it hurt, but she's been known to occasionally over-react if she think something could be wrong (like her booboo that still occasionally hurts from Disney World back in March and was a scraped knee). She really does tolerate pain very well - her broken arm, well she really didn't fuss or complain at all, ear infections - even those that are very swollen and red - yeah hardly a mention of pain even - but now something that could be wrong, that's when the fussing comes in and that's what I thought was going on.
So when I went to wash her feet I realized it really was a splinter, and a pretty big one at that. She wasn't very happy and really didn't want to sit still for the "surgery" but she did good. She shed some tears, she jerked her foot a few times and was a bit nervous when we had to not just use tweezers, but fingernail clippers to take the top layer of skin off to get to it, but after it was over and she had medicine and a band-aid she was just fine and even said that "it was a lot scary, but only a little hurting." I'm so proud of you Riley Jean for being a big girl!!
**Sorry the pics are blurry, it must have been later than I thought when this was all over
**Taylor also shed some sympathy tears when Riley was going thru surgery, it was so very sweet!!
**The best story of the day was when Riley had to put Aunt Sarah down for a nap though. Riley always takes a nap in our bed, our room is darker, the bed is bigger, it's just easier and her room is really too bright to fall asleep in. Before she would lay down though, she took Sarah to her bed, covered her up and even gave her a teddy bear so she could take her nap - and she did. Riley was also pretty excited to get to wake Aunt Sarah up after she was done sleeping too.

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Leslie said...

Riley you a very brave and cute too!!!!! have an ice weekend!