Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Tractor Pull

So after a lot of deliberation, Riley did decide to do the tractor pull - I think it was seeing the shiny trophies with a golden tractor on top that really did the trick - we waited ever so patiently, or as patiently as a not quite four year old and a six week old can wait - and it was Riley's turn. Daddy had just made it and she walked over like a champion, ready to win it all - and she pedaled for.............2'5" - not quite trophy material, but she did it and we were proud. Thankfully I could quickly change the subject when she asked "Mama am I going to win a trophy" because I think it would have really broken her heart if they hadn't called her name, whew, if all of our near meltdowns can be avoided this easily over the years, we'll be good to go!

Chillin' with Cousin Cayman as she waits - loving that he totally avoided looking at the camera!
Yeah for best buds Hope, Riley & Cayman
Riley and Hope were pretty much inseparable this week!

Pile in some more cousins - isn't it nice to live near family!
And here is her big show - maybe next year we'll be more competitive - my guess is maybe not though because we were tip top of this weight category (weighing in at 40.5 lbs) so unless she really beefs up and daddy buys her one to practice on we'll probably be in it just for the fun next year too.
Taylor was pretty much not interested - yep, she slept thru most of it

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