Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Forward Fridays

Tie-dye dress, check,
Chinese silky blue top, check,
Homemade crocheted hat, check
Tights - when it's 85 degrees outside, check,
Snow boots, check,
Measuring Tape used as a belt, check
Riley's first outfit of the day - priceless

Riley's 2nd outfit of the day - the one she wore to the park
I tried everything in the world to get her not to wear the tights
I tried "they'll get dirty" - "mom, they are white, you could bleach them"
I tried "Riley you'll be hot" - "no I won't"
I tried "they might get ruined" - "it's ok mom, I have more tights"
The big one - I tried "You'll have to wear tennis shoes instead of flip flops" - "ok"
And she won, and she realized she goes faster down the slide with tights, I'm pretty sure we might be wearing these more often now.........sigh

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