Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Addiction

My hubby has a new addiction. People who've known him for awhile think it's kind of funny, since you know he bought a fishing license last year and used it.........not even once (ok maybe once but NO more than that I'm sure).

His addiction has something to do with theseAlthough the ones we use certainly aren't hand picked like this picture says - nope they come from a gas station (and do you know how much a dozen nightcrawlers cost - I'm really thinking about starting a worm farm - could it be a coincidence that there were step by step instructions in my Family Fun magazine this month, I think not).

And it also has something to do with these which he always hopes he catches, but never keeps. So if you want fresh fish (and to clean them yourself) go fishing by my hubby, he'll probably give them to you.

He's obsessed I'm telling you, but that's ok because I think this is a rather harmless addiction, this time of year it is rather hot when we go with him though, but if that's the only draw back, we'll let him keep this addiciton. Miss Riley did come home soaked from head to toe (seriously) and I'm pretty sure we were only out there around an hour........she's a sweatting machine.


Munchkins and Music said...

I know how the fishing/hunting/outdoor man addictions go. I think it must be that provider instinct men have. But what can we do? I guess I have woman addictions too, like blogging...haha.

Leslie said...

Im glad my hubby doesnt have the outdoors addiction..He is into working with tools which is nice because i have alot of nice furniture made by him..lOL

Very cute!

Rachel said...

Leslie - wow, making furniture, can I borrow your hubby for a few days, there are definitely some things I could use......and my hubby is not so mechanically inclined, but I LOVE him!

Munchkins and music - you are right, blogging is fast becoming an addiciton of my own!! Yikes!