Friday, September 25, 2009

Woohoo for Arm Band Night

Two adorable cousins - check
$15 for an armband - check
Hours of fun cousin laughter and running - priceless!
As adults I think we worry about things at carnivals - like losing a kid, like the safety of the rides, like now much cigarette smoke our kids are inhaling because ridiculous adults and super cool teenagers feel the need to smoke around little people, but for kids - well it's just fun and that's awesome.
I've never seen a carnival run quite this way - but they would let the kids ride as long as they wanted (which was good and bad). Seriously they would let it run for awhile, then they'd ask if they wanted to stay on or get off. If they wanted to stay, they got to and didn't have to get off and wait in line again - isn't that weird, but kinda cool for the kiddos.
Yes, they are totally adorable and I'm pretty sure they know it - and they love each other SOOOO much!
I just loved the name of this one "Berry Go Round" - ha isn't that ingeious. We worried they'd get on with someone who spun to fast - not the case, they had a blast!
Again Riley's favorite ride was the "big slide" I think we rode down about 6-7 times in a row. The kiddos went with daddies to start with and then it was the mommies turn. And don't ask how I know that when it starts sprinkling, you shouldn't ride the slide until the stop it because of the weather. All I can say is Linda and I got a cold surprise that ended with wet booties for the rest of the night.

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Leslie said...

omg sooooooo fun and i want to be a kid for one day again!!