Friday, September 25, 2009

Guess What I Didn't Expect To See

This was my reaction too when I realized our local carnival had a petting zoo - huh, just never quite thought about a petting zoo at a carnival before - but at $1 per person it wasn't too bad. They also had Purell for when you were finished which was great - but the slobber was a little to thick for just Purell so I was glad we had baby wipes to really cut it.

And we didn't just have the normal cast of characters for a petting zoo - you know goats, sheep, etc. We had those plus camels, a white tiger, a jaguar, a lion, a kangaroo, a zebra, monkeys, and even a llama.
The tiger and jaguar were so cute because they were still babies!
This guy - now he would try and eat your hair, don't ask how I know, and he slobbered a whole lot too - he was pretty gross if you ask me.
Riley was trying to be brave while feeding them, they were just so hungry they would run right up to the fence which kind of freaked her out - and then one of the goats stole Hope's little paper cup of food and ate the cup and Riley was done - she didn't even try and feed them after she saw that.

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Leslie said...

omg my girl would have died she loves those nasty,smelly animals!