Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You and me going fishing in the dark

Wait - it wasn't really dark, it was getting dark though, and it was really windy.......and I mean REALLY windy!!! I'm telling you Missouri weather is something else this spring we've had more rain, tornado warnings, incredibly rainy days, did I mention rain than I ever remember before!

Enough about that though, let's talk about what my girl got to do this weekend - she finally got to put this to good use and she loved it! My girl could wind the reel and bring her weighted/attached fish in all by herself and even tried her hand at casting - it was adorable! I love that she caught a fish every single time (so did she) and I also love that we didn't have to worry about her hooking herself or one of us, oh and did I mention that this pole even floats just in case we might have a mishap and it gets thrown in the water (which didn't happen this time, but I'm sure it will at some point!).

Getting a lesson from daddy

How did she know fishing is all about relaxing already?

This girl LOVES worms - unlike her mommy who thinks there just a little ooey - oh and I love the snot she has going too, that's great!

I love how she's squatting down like she might be too tall for Joey - such a sweet girl always thinking!

I wish I would have had a video from when Riley tried to cast, but I just wasn't ready when it happened. The first time she reared back and then forward, her line didn't go out and she looked at me like what in the world happened here, didn't I do it just like daddy. I showed her that you had to push the little button so she pushed it, reared back and of course the fish hit the ground the second she let go of the button so she developed a casting style all her own.

  1. Push button and then let go back so the line comes out
  2. When the fish hits the ground pick it up and throw it in the water - whever you want it to go really
  3. Repeat over and over again and smile like you are having the best time ever (which she was)

Edited on Wednesday - silly me, I do have a video, I just didn't get the whole process very well.....so for your enjoyment, Riley casting - notice she couldn't get it to go quite where she wanted so she kept throwing the fish, she's such a silly girl!

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