Friday, September 25, 2009

Pet Parade

My big girl, the one who isn't fond of animals, was in the pet parade tonight. You can bet I was just as surprised as anyone when she actually walked across carrying the bunny, I was sure she would chicken out. Then I just about fell over when she asked to hold the bunny later, then nearly fainted when she stood in line with all the twenty-some other contestants and their dogs/cats/pigs/bunnies and never once even seemed frightened. Good job Riley Jean!
Here are the country girls getting ready for their big performance - don't you just love the rubber boots with the dress :)
Here they are getting ready to go - puppy Bo, Hope, bunny Splash and Riley. Linda was a thinker and had picked little bouquets for the girls to carry too.
Sweetness - they are just so stinkin' sweet I don't know what to do with them
I love that Bo is wearing a pair of overalls that Hope wore as a baby.
Riley was so intent on not dropping the bunny that she couldn't smile for a pic.
Until she was done walking and were just waiting to hear the results.
I was so proud that Riley was in the parade - imagine how excited we were when they won 5th place - awesome - and thanks Linda & Hope for sharing your pets so Riley could participate, I'm pretty sure our kitty Neo would not have done so well!

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