Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Riley's new trick, she's so proud!

Check out more Wordless Wednesday posts here or here. I tried to make her smile, but then the cup fell off - what a fun morning we had :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Riley Sayings

Since I've been a very bad poster lately - even though I think MORNING sickness that lasts all day every day is a very good excuse - I feel like I've been missing a lot, there are so many cute things that Riley has done and said........and I've been a slacker and haven't told you about them so someday when Riley is 30 and reading back about her life she'll think man, what was up with my Mom from Dec 08 thru Mar 09, didn't I do anything cute.......sigh.

So here are some fun things Riley has said lately that I just can't miss posting

*Mom, can I have some of that hanzitizer spray
(hand sanitizer spray)

*Mom, when I turn 4 I can drive myself, you won't have to bring me to Vickie's anymore
(this was when we were pulling in to her babysitter's driveway just yesterday, and I realized that I would blink and this would be true for real not true in her mind that she could drive herself at 4, and yes she often times says mom now instead of mommy which makes me sad too)

*Baby, oh baby, baby ba-aa-a-by, your mommy and your sissy are gonna love you always
(this is a song daddy made up for Riley when she was a baby and she's modified it and sings it to my tummy daily, so sweet! The original was Riley oh Riley Riley Jean Graves, your mommy and your daddy are gonna love you always - or grandma and papa or whoever fit for that verse really)

*Oh mom, your tummy is growing and growing everyday

*Mommy, I gotta go potty.......I can do it all by myself, I don't need your help (sniffle)

*Mommy, someone needs to come for a visit, I need a visit tonight

*Mommy, I sure do miss Andy, can we go to his apartment (that's my sis's boyfriend)

*Will Aunt Sarah be home soon?

FFF - Cheese

Sarah picked a great FFF theme this week - I think (at least in our case) Riley learned "cheese" way too early. There was a time when I thought we'd never get a real smile again because anytime she saw the camera she would instantly say "cheese" and give me her best, although usually quite cheesy (no pun intended as I laugh at how funny I am hehe), smile.
Here are just a few for your viewing pleasure - most of them oldies, but still cute of course :)
18 months old - and already has "Cheese" down pat
Sea World - Jun 2007
18 months or so - first day with all of her hair in pig tails and she was proud!!!

Cascade Locks, OR
Sep 2007 (almost 2yrs)
Love the outfit - and that you can really tell she's saying cheese while I'm taking the picture
Not quite 2 yrs - fall of 2007
March 08 - Cheesing it up for the camera while playing in the "warm pool" aka the bath tub at the hotel who accidentally forgot to turn on the heater for the indoor heated pool wink wink

Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - Melting fun :)

A little ice cream melting fun from last summer with Cousin Cayman - man it doesn't seem like she's changed that much until I see the proof in pictures!!!

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