Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Close - Yet Still No Number 1

Wow - this year we didn't have an escapee turtle, simply amazing, the last two years our turtles have escaped from a cardboard box sitting on our porch and run so quickly we couldn't even find them in our yard and we had to find replacements ASAP - this year we got to put our two original turtles in the race - awesome!!!

Riley was so excited this year, since they didn't escape we thought for sure that meant they were the big winners - we could taste the victory already. We were so close last year, but the silly turtle stopped just short of the line and started following it instead of crossing it
And they are off - see that one with the Strawberry Shortcake sticker on the right, that's one of ours (yes both Riley and Taylor entered the Terrapin Race - although I really don't think Taylor cared much).
Riley and Cousin Coltin watching and waiting and hoping their turtles will be the quickest.
Can you tell whether we won or lost by this face? Poor girl, she was very disappointed, but at least that meant we had more time for rides since we didn't have to stay around for the final round.
Cousin Coltin - well he didn't win either but it didn't hurt his feelings too bad I'm thinking, he's such a ham.


Leslie said...

ohhh what fun...i know out here they do the frog hop but i have yet to go...i guess maybe next year i should it looks soo fun!!!

love it!

Jenelle said...

Her face is almost as sad as Colter's! Did I tell you about how the judges cheated Alexis? Her turtle totally kicked butt, but he was so fast the judges didn't even notice! It was very upsetting. Daddy was very disillusioned by the the turtle race this year. :)