Monday, September 22, 2008

We did it again

My hubby has this addiction - he likes to trade cars, a lot. I think since he started driving he's had 10 cars and 6 o fthose were before he was 22 - seriously. This time it was actually my idea though (he nearly fell over when I suggested it). Our Equinox was a good car, we liked the room and ride and well everything but the gas mileage - it was terrible. We know other people that had Chevy Equinox's - they got much better than we did and it was simply time to find something more economical........because gas is $3.xx a gallon, because Joey drives a lot for work..........guess how much, I'll let you know at the end of the post.

So we said good-bye to this car on Thursday..........Joey happily bagged up all his stuff (including our dear friend Emily's birthday present from last year - we really need to get that to her!)
This is the happy Joey - happy to have a new ride - one that has comfy cushy seats that leaves his tushy wide awake instead of painfully crabby at the end of the day. (Your welcome for mentioning your tushy honey - I'm feeling kinda onery today)
Hello Buick LaCrosse - please be nice to us where gas mileage is concerned. Thank you for having comfy seats and room for 6 should we ever need it. Thank you for having a huge trunk that could haul nearly anything we might ask of you. I was quite surprised by Joey's choice of vehicle.........dare I say it looks like a grandma car? I really tried to talk him out of it because I was afraid he wouldn't like it in a week......but he says he loves it - and I'll have to trust him on it.

He's looking at me grumpy in the last picture because I'm standing in the road........he thinks I'm going to get run over.........but because it was blog-worthy, I took the chance and survived. Too bad the picture didn't turn out better since I, you know, nearly died and all (j/k).

And what's your guess on the mileage? If you count the in-town driving to the schools, etc, he drives around 600 miles per week for work - yep, fuel economy is near and dear to our hearts!


Kangamoo said...

Nice knowing I am not the only one to drive things around in my car forever with the hope that one day I will see the person it belongs to and get it to them.

Nice new ride. Blue is a good color for a car and you got a pretty shade of it.

Christine said...

I sometimes wish we could this. But we usually upgrade as we outgrow our car and we finally have a 15 passenger van so I think I will be stuck with it for a while. :)