Friday, September 12, 2008

FFF - Birthday's

FFF didn't have a theme this week - it was our assignment to pick one of our own......which I thought would be a breeze, but I'm just not sure what to go with - so I'm thinking that Birthday's seems like a good theme to me. All this reminising these last few weeks really has me amazed at how much my girl has changed in these few short years (still in denial she'll be 3 in November). To check out more FFF posts go to Sarah's blog, Kiss the Frog 4 Me - they're always great!

Riley's original BIRTH-day, welcome to the world sweetie
And sorry you scratched yourself, I would have cut your
fingernails, but you see....I was too chicken,
I've learned since then though I'm no longer afraid :)

I can't believe my baby ONE was......
I know that's what I was thinking that day!!!
If only I knew how much faster time would fly in the days to come.
She's excited about the cake to come
(OK not really, because she didn't really eat it,
but I can pretend right, because it looks like
what she could have been thinking)
Riding on her 4-wheeler from Papa Dub

And now my baby is TWO - no terribles two's please

I can't believe that in only two-months she'll be THREE, yikes where does the time go?


Sarah said...

Love the looking back posts... what a sweetie your girl is!! Watch out... my "baby" is 16 and I swear, she was JUST a baby yesterday!

Graycesmomma said...

Absolutely adorable!

Kangamoo said...

Beautiful pictures. Hang on to evey moment. Yesterday I had 4 babies and now they are 21, 18, almost 16 (and starting to drive) and 13. One of my babies told me I no longer had any children. I cheered. Then they said I had teenagers!! UGH.

Leslie said...

Yea time flew by with my babies too!!! Riley is soo darn cute!


Robyn said...

How cute!! They grow up too fast!!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh stop.. you are making me realize that my baby will be doing the same thing. Lucy is getting ready to turn one in a couple weeks and it is starting to hit me that this is just the begining of her growing up too fast. :)