Friday, September 5, 2008

FFF - Oh Baby

Our theme for Favorite Foto Friday this week was Oh Baby - find the first baby pics of you and your little ones. I had no problem finding pics of Riley - that was easy since she was born in the age of digital cameras - I totally forget to find some pics of me when I was a sweet newborn and scan them in though - oops. To check out more FFF go to Kiss the Frog 4 Me. Thanks again Sarah for always putting this together!!

Right after Riley was born - the dr actually took this
before they even had her all cleaned up and poked and
prodded. I had to sepia it because we looked
SO tired and that helped hide a little of our fatigue :)
Another dr photo - Riley wasn't very happy about what
she'd just gone thru and I wouldn't have been either!

But Mommy kisses make it all better :)
Daddy love
I had at least showered at this point and Riley had
been given a bath I'm still pretty tired looking though
Riley's first basketball game
I think she was less than 24 hrs old at this point
Ready to go home from the hospital - isn't she beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful family

Jenelle said... sweet! You guys had a very long day. :) Great pictures!

Leslie said...

Riley is soooo precious!!! Childbirth is hard work...I laugh when i look at mine..I look like a was in a war!!! LOL

Have a great weekend,Lesli

Kangamoo said...

Tired is a part of the process, but you don't realize it until later because your heart is soooo filled with love at the time, nothing else matters. I wish I could sepia my pictures.