Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life Lessons with Riley

"I'm going to have one boy and one girl." Matter-of-fact, Riley knew exactly what she wanted for her future family. (this came after she realized not all homes - including our own - has boy and girl siblings.....she's an only child at this point you see)

Since we were already on the subject, I asked her what she was going to name her boy (she's very creative) and she said Curvis (kur-vis) - I told you she was creative! And her girl - well she "hadn't decided quite yet" but she thought maybe she would pick Charla (char-luh) and Mega (mee-gah). I guess she changed her mind at that point and wanted three kids, but I'm not sure.

Just a glimpse into life with Riley - she's soooooo creative, uses her imagination like a pro, and truly seems older than she is. Man I love this girl!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

kids are just too cute... and I still say I am having 3 girls and one boy matter-o-factly like. I cant help my self :)

Kangamoo said...

I was having 3 boys and a girl, with the girl being second oldest... somehow I ended up with 2 and 2.

My oldest daughter is going to name her sons Romeo Urge Jelly Roll Gooberschnuutenheimkaflanigain, Armando Thadeus Gooberschnuutenheimkaflanigain,
Matthew Gleb Gooberschnuutenheimkaflanigain.

Can you guess what her husband's last name is going to be?

Never stop that creative instinct in kids, and they will become creative adults. Yes, she is 18.

Amanda said...

Aww, I love their innocence and imaginations!

The sneeze made me LOL!

Thanks for the Congrats. ;)