Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sometimes you go to a birthday party - and have tons of fun - and get to bring home a balloon (the cool helium kind). And sometimes your Mama let's your run around nearly-naked because you were such a good girl........or because she was starting laundry and it really was easier to have everything in the washer.And sometimes, you kinda give your Mama a mean look if she makes you stop playing so she can take your picture......but if you don't look directly at the camera, maybe it doesn't count.......right?
And sometimes, when you go potty by yourself, and your undies fall off, but you insist on putting them back on yourself.............this happens.
Yep, inside out and backwards - but I guess that doesn't bother you if you are 2 1/2 and wanted to do it "all-by-myself" which happens a lot.

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Jenelle said...

Funny! Hey, you know what? Your girl is almost three! You're gonna have to stop the 2 1/2 thing. :)