Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More First Football Game Pics

Since I couldn't be Wordless about the first football game of the season - I had to do another post today to share some more shots. Football is kind of a big deal in our little town - it always has been, and I'm pretty sure it always will be. The games are fun - you get to be outside, you get to run around and play with friends, mommy or daddy will probably by you a ring pop or some popcorn and there are cheerleaders so what's not to love?

Check out my last post here if you missed the shot of Riley excited about the game, it's pretty cute! And she really does love football!

And I'm not exaggerating about her loving the game - just a few weeks ago we had to drive by the guys practicing three times, seriously, she wanted to take it all in and she does sit and watch some of the game - of course she runs around and plays lots too - there are lots of friends that would be sad if she didn't.
And sometimes she looks kinda ornery because she's already thinking about a ring pop and we just got to the game.
Colter likes to come to the games too - but sometimes he just wants to lay down and watch by himself (yes he's a boy and he likes pink, what's wrong with that)

Waiting for a call on the play - they threw a yellow flag so Riley knows it's important.

She's done waiting so she gives the ref a pretty stern look in hopes of getting him to speed things up. She really needs to go play on the hill, but has to see how this play turns out first.

Man, not quite how she wanted it to - but that's ok our guys will pull thru.

Daddy wasn't very happy about the call though!!

Ahhh - Riley loves to cheer (sorry daddy). She actually can do around 4-5 cheers all by herself which mommy thinks is pretty adorable, but she jumps around a lot and does them in her own style so it's pretty hard to get a picture of them. She has lots of fun as you can see though. Next home game my goal is to get a better picture - or maybe even a video :)

Family shot at the end of the night - should have taken at the beginning so we all looked pretty, but you know, time gets away from you.


Sarah said...

Go Tigers!

Daiquiri said...

What a sweet little mommy you have there :) My 2 year old sticks her baby under her shirt to nurse her when she sees me feeding her brother! I just love to see their nurturing nature (say that 3 times fast!) at such a young age.

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and offering me some encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

Leslie said...

AWWWW yep Ohio State football and the kids school teams are big in this house!!!

Riley is going to be a cheerleader for sure!!!