Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank you tire-fix-it-man!

We've had a slow leak in a tire for about a month - so slow that it takes like a week and a half before I need to air it up, which is still annoying but not too serious. I had myself convinced that they wouldn't be able to find a leak that slow - duh that's there job, of course they could find it, but that's beside the point!
Riley and I finally took it in last week - sure enough not even 15 minutes later they had us all fixed up, and Riley was totally in awe of the whole process! Somehow we had a piece of wire stuck in that tire - glad that's all taken care of!!PS - Don't mind my reflection in the first two pictures - I just told Riley she couldn't go out and watch so I figured I should probably obey my own rules and try and snap a pic thru the window. Man am I glad they didn't see me, I bet they would have thought I was a nutcase!

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Emily said...

That last picture is so cute!