Thursday, September 18, 2008

This guy looks innocent doesn't he

Meet our kitty, Neo, he really does have 9 lives and he's kind of a giant in the kitty world. I wish I had a pic of him compared to another kitty so you could see, but I don't.

He was stuck in the top of the garage door a few years ago - they had to do surgery and remove the ball out of one of his hip joints and now he doesn't even limp (see pic below). He was run over in our very own driveway (I won't tell you who did that, but they feel very guilty and her name starts with the letter R) and he is fine. Sometimes he's a little fiesty, but he's a good cat - and if I had been thru everything he had, I might be a little fiesty too.
Riley and Neo get along pretty good most of the time. She likes to pet him, she likes to give him kisses and doesn't even mind if he lays on her long as she's not in it. Sometimes they have a little tiff though and it usually involves Neo playing with some of her toys and Riley not appreciating it.

Yep - this is my sleepy head who just woke up one morning this week - totally not appreciating that the kitty had found a letter, one of her letters and was having a grand time.

Doesn't he look innocent? She quickly realized she had way more letters than he did though and so the world was again happy - no more stern looks for the kitty.


Leslie said...

awwwww what a pretty kitty!!!!!

Poor baby girl has to share her toys with a kitty!!! LOL

Kangamoo said...

I love those letters.

We learned to not let a cat play with a water baby.

What a wonderful cat too.

Of course your kiddo is, as always, too cute for words. I love the stories of her life.