Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hate needles!

You know, I've really been a pretty healthy person most of my life - I had ear infections when I was little, but tubes in my ears took care of that in 2nd grade. I got strep throat about once a year in Junior High and High School, but I really never was a sickly person. I didn't have allergies, I didn't take any prescriptions medicine and rarely even took over the counter stuff.....................I was healthy.

Until September-ish 2006.

I had more sinus infections than I knew one person could get.......I actually had to have surgery (twice in 10 1/2 months) because I'm blessed with sinus polyps which are kind of like a mystery illness because they have no idea what causes them or how to get rid of them really.......then it got to where I really struggled to breathe and they said I might have asthma (did you know this is kind of a mystery too no idea where it comes from really or how to fix it - yeah I get weirdo illnesses - and I had the lungs of a 71 year old at my worst point so not cool with that). They said all of these are probably combined, but no idea which one caused the other and that I MIGHT grow out of this (really, I didn't get it until I was 26, so I guess there's a possibility, just seems odd).
So they tried to figure me out - I did the allergy testing thing - you know where you feel like a porcupine because they stick 40 toothpicks in your back trying to figure it out.......nothing.......then they tried 8 shots in my arm to see if maybe that would work.......nothing.......no itchy, no reaction, no allergies. Then they tried the blood test kind.......nothing........no allergies. Now I'll admit, I don't have itchy eyes, runny nose, etc, but in my vast (ha) internet knowledge I've learned that sinus infections, polyps and asthma are all usually related to allergies. I always start showing symptoms in September so it makes sense that there must be something out there, right?

I made a decision, one that might surprise you if you know me well (or if you read the title of this post) I actually asked to go get stuck some more, really, please stick me again and figure out what makes all this happen.................please.

God was listening - there was a cancellation at 9am this Thursday. Please pray for me and for the dr to have wisdom to figure me out!! I know they've already tested for many things, but there has to be something out there that my body just doesn't like and I'd really like to figure it out!! I also know I'm going thru this for a reason, and I'm ok with that, if I can help someone else at some point, thank you God for this experience. I'm a planner though and this whole unknown thing is really hard for me. I'm hoping and praying for answers!

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