Saturday, September 6, 2008

Riley sayings

I love that Riley speaks very plainly (well most things anyway) but I also love the things that she says not-quite-right. YES, I hope she says these things correctly at some point, but I always want to remember these things too - they show me she's still a little girl, they show me that while she's growing up too fast, she hasn't made it to the point where she doesn't need me quite yet. Really this is just a list for me to look back on someday to remember all those cute things she says so I don't forget because I don't think there's a spot in her baby book for things like this.

Yunyuns - Onions

(yep 2 syllables and very southern) - Help

That's belicious - that's delicious
(thanks Aunt Sarah, I think you started this if I remember right)

Pasghetti - spaghetti
(but I think the cartoon Curious George has something to do
with this since there's a Chef Pasghetti on it)

Mazagine - Magazine

Couple While - either couple minutes or a little while, I'm not sure

I wanna tell you a snecret - secret
(and then she whispers so quietly you can't even tell what she says
how I love these secrets!)

That light is fired up - The lightbulb is burned out
That's Squeamy - That's steamy
I'm getting busy - I'm getting dizzy
Goodness Grief - Good Grief or Goodness Gracious

What silly things do your kids say that you don't want to forget?


Leslie said...

Just today Abby said "oh Mom im soooo tursty(thristy)..."LOL

And "im darbing(starving)"...LOL

OH the books we would write...

When my son great was little he used to say"I want Ass Cream!"(Ice Cream") was fun to get him to say it at parties!!!

Leslie said...

Grant...Not great!!!!

Amanda @ said...

Ha! We had "couple while" too! I always liked gween gwapes, and the way baby Josie would ask "how doin?" when she met someone. Hope I NEVER forget those things!

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

so funny...I need to write those things down too. Abby always says "cam-pooter" for computer. Cracks me up. :)

Amanda said...

So cute. I love when they say things wrong. I always think about writing them down too, but once I go to do it, I forget what it was that they said earlier.

Kangamoo said...

We just keep repeating them so I won't forget:

My oldest would say, "I gave up my mind." Always took me a while to remember what he meant since I was thinking I had given up my mind too. He meant he changed his mind.

My husband was inventorying and he had a "Chester Drawers". I informed him that on the west coast we called it a chest of drawers, and we didn't name them.

The kids would say they were playing with their chuthers. That would be the response to Play with each other.