Friday, September 19, 2008

An Update On Me

Hello everyone - just an update on my dr's appointment yesterday. They did do some more allergy testing, but I didn't react to anything. Joey had a good laugh at the numbers written all over my back and arms though - thankfully they used washable marker (and purple, one of my favorites)!

The only other option they had for me didn't seem that great. They said sometimes people like me (not sure if that was supposed to be encouraging or not - but at least there might be other people like me I guess - ha) are aspirin sensitive. To check this they put you in the hospital and give you a bunch of aspirin and see if you have a reaction (yikes) if you don't, then you aren't aspirin sensitive and you go home. If you are, they start you on very small doses of aspirin and work up to two full strength aspirin a day and sometimes that help fix you (no more polyps, no more asthma-like symptoms) and you can go off of your medicine. But - the aspirin might rot a hole in your stomach, it might mess up your digestive track, it might hurt your liver/kidneys and if you ever need surgery, etc you'll have to go off of this and then start all over again. Oh yes and did I mention all this takes place in the hospital and they've never done any around here so it would have to be like 4 hrs away.

Not much of a decision there - I think I'll stay with my meds (as much as I hate them) and call it good. I like my stomach in one piece and my liver and kidneys to function well..........


Sarah said...

Well, I'm happy that everything turned out alright and you survived the allergy testing, but I'm sad that you didn't get any definitive results. Boo hiss. I don't think I would want to try that aspirin testing either.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the news! Hope you have a good weekend!

Kangamoo said...

I am glad they found nothing seriously wrong with you. I am glad they had a fun time drawing on you too. My daughter, the swimmer, would frequently be drawn on after a long swim meet. Running around in a bathing suit all day and only swimming for a few minutes, the entertainment seemed obvious. One of the pictures Norma has of her, she has writing on her arm. The photo session was the day after a swim meet and I decided it was a part of who she is, let it show.