Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Never has this happened before

Riley is a pretty happy-go-lucky girl. She usually likes everyone, now she might be shy for a moment, but only a moment and then she'll probably talk your leg off and you just might wish she was shy again (kidding)!! At the park or playground, she's the little girl who will walk up and play with complete strangers, she might even hold their hand to show you just how good of a friend she can be...........but not this morning.

Riley being silly at the zoo

I hate to even write this down in history because it's a little sad :(

My sleepy-head was tired this morning and didn't want to wake-up (a rarity) so I thought I had the perfect solution. "Honey - but remember Mallory will be at Miss Vickie's today so we better wake-up so you can play with her" and I couldn't believe what my girl said....."Mallory's not my best friend, I don't like her." Gasp - yikes, oh my, I've never heard anything like this before and I wasn't quite sure where to go with it.

Riley and Emily at the park

I told her that we don't say we don't like somebody because that isn't nice and we wouldn't want someone to say that to us so we shouldn't say it about other people. Sure - it's hard to reason with a 2 year old - but she is nearly three - and I thought she could understand. But man oh man, I couldn't change her mind she just kept telling me "I just don't like her mom, I only want to play with Olivia." I hope today goes ok!!

PS - These pictures are completely random, in fact I've probably posted some before, I just thought we needed pictures and these showed my happy girl who is nice to people most of the time.

Edited: Vickie just called to tell me about a booboo Riley just got and to tell me that Riley had just told Mallory she was "her best friend" - yeah it was just a sleepy morning thing (hopefully)!


Anonymous said...

Aww, sounds like a sleepy morning thing. Glad to here her day went well, except for the bo bo.


Leslie said...

Yea us girls change our minds about our BFF's all the time! LOL

Kangamoo said...

You know she is not a BFF when she says, "I am not inviting her to my birthday party!!" Which usually lasts about 5 minutes and then they are back to BFFs. This can be announced at any time in the year, birthday party pending or not.