Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watch Out Hollywood - Here Comes Riley Jean

My sis burned me some pics (and I won't say that I've been waiting for a week for her to do this - nope, didn't hear it from me). But I thought she was just gonna burn some that I took using her camera - imagine my surprise when I found all kinds of fun pics that I had no idea she had for instance of my girl playing dress up.

Wow - this girl will be on the Cat Walk someday
(OK probably not - but isn't this hillariously cute -
especially with the headband, and the cat!)

And what about the funny way she took a nap when Aunt Sarah was babysitting a couple of weeks ago - come on, naked, in a recliner, with all your favorite toys. What's not to love about that when you are 2 1/2?

And no - there was nothing showing, it really was a classy pic, I just felt like I should you know, take caution in case some creepo found this and cover up anything that people might have thought they saw (which wasn't showing at all you know).


Emily said...

So cute, that last picture is a riot with the black dot!

Kangamoo said...

Kids will do the darndest things. One night when AL arrived home, one of my kids had fallen asleep in her crib, and I offered to Al that he could go up and kiss her goodnight on her cheek, any one. Obviously diapers were optional that night. One of my favorite pictures is Doug taking a nap hanging between the sofa and the rocker. He had been bouncing around the room and had a sudden nap attack. Too bad that picture is on film not digital, or I might send it to you.

Thank you for sharing your family. It is so fun to reminisce. Maybe I should start a blog too so you can see what we are doing out here in Washington.

Leslie said...

OMG how cute is she!!! WHAT a diva on the couch naked! Kids are soooo cute at that age!

Abby told me today that "Beer is alcohol!"..What the Hell is Spongbob teaching her! LOL

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha aha I loooove it! hah ah Great pics!

Mandy said...

Your family is beautiful! Your daughter is so precious- she looks like she has quite the personality! I love the name Riley, by the way!