Friday, August 15, 2008

FFF - Our little Rock Star

Since we aren't in school yet, I decided to branch out and do a little theme switch for FFF this week to......Our Little Rock Star. Riley absolutely LOVES this guitar she got last year from Grandma 'Lene for her birthday and she suddenly loves putting headbands on her head too (usually there's about 5 at once). She also loves these hand-me-down snow boots and where's them all the time even though they are still at least 1-2 sizes too big.
Getting ready for the greatest show ever
Announcing Miss Riley Graves (woohooooo)
Hey everyone - I'm so glad you could come out for my concert tonight
And yes, here is my World Famous move!!!
(which looks a little like running in place if you don't realize it's a signature Riley move)


Jenelle said...

Oh, brother! Where did she learn that?! I get the impression that she knows she's like the cutest thing ever! She's such a precious little ham! Give her a kiss for me. Love ya!

Marci said...

That is so girly and cute!! Being a mom of 4 daughters myself it always melts my heart when they do cute things like this..She might just be the new HANNAH MONTANA Love, Marci

MICHELLE said...


Sarah said...

Rock On, girlfriend!! You make it look good!

ClarkFamily said...

She is so cute! I love the head bacnd, the skirt and the moon boots ... what a rocker! Whoo-hooo... thanks for sharing and havea great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & baby#2 too

Leslie said...

LOL those boots really add to the rock star look! CUTE!

Sue said...

She must be the cutist thing on earth. So do you think "Rock Star" is in her future? Well, if you ever head to WW again give me a shout.

Debbie said...

What cute cute pictures!! She is adorable!!


Amanda said...

Oh how cute! My oldest son had a love for guitars about that same age.

Emily said...

Hi Rachel!

These pictures are so cute. Those little girls sure love that Miley.

I don't know if you are near a Hobby Lobby, but that is where I buy my childrens aprons. I wait until they are 50% off, so that makes them $1.50 each. Sometimes I can find a coupon on their website too. I am sure Michaels or JoAnn's would have something similar??

For the hats, I got to ACE mart, it is a food business supply, they are $1 apiece. I know that they have a website and you can probably order them online, but any resturant supply would have something similar. They are paper, and I cut them, and then staple them to make them fit childrens little heads. ;)

If you have any more questions, let me know!

The Flores Family(Maria, Jose , Jose L. and Jose A) said...

Your rock star is precious!

love the pictures
the flores family

Jessica said...

I would start saving up now for guitar lessons....She is so adorable!!!

Becca said...

ROCK ON, RILEY!!! Can I come to the next concert?

Peace and Hugs,

Robyn said...

Too cute!!