Saturday, August 30, 2008

My 100th Postday

Did you get it - it's not my 100th birthday, but it's my 100th Postday because it's my 100th post and I had to name it something fantastic...........ok well anyway, since that funny flopped this post can only get better right :)

I decided to steal my friend Jenelle's idea and give away something to celebrate this momentous occasion and decided that some "Dena Candy" as Riley has named them would be just the treat. I'll also include a few handmade cards and envelopes just for fun - but I haven't made them yet so I can't post a picture of those. Maybe I'll post them when we pick the winner though.........all you need to do is leave a comment to be entered in our drawing by Tuesday at 4pm.

I'm also going to steal this part of Jenelle post too - 100 random facts about me.

1. My middle name is Dawn
2. I have 20 first cousins
3. Really - and that's not counting those by marriage, if you count my cousins and their spouses there are 36
4. Come to think of it, I don't know how many first cousins my hubby has..........
5. I didn't realize that people ate off pretty plates for holidays for a long time, we're too big, we use paper
6. I love dessert, I could skip the meal and only eat dessert most of the time
7. I despise salad dressing and most condiments - although I do like ketchup or bbq for dipping fries
8. My hubby and I have the same color of eyes - almost exactly
9. I have never owned a dog, and that doesn't really bother me
10. I rarely wear socks in the summer, flip flops are my favorite
11. I don't wear make-up on a regular basis
12. Riley, our 2 1/2 year old, owns more makeup than I do
13. I had to borrow it on my wedding day (thanks Jenelle)
14. I very rarely cry
15. But I balled thru P.S. I Love You just the other day
16. I've never broken a bone
17. But I have had stitches
18. And a sprained ankle or two
19. My sophomore year in high school was rough because of the above two things
20. I like to play sports
21. Volleyball is my favorite
22. But track was fun too - I ran hurdles
23. Before I got married my whole name had 20 letters
24. Now I only have 16
25. My daughter is the sweetest
26. She likes me to hold her hand while she falls asleep
27. And I think that's pretty sweet - someday she won't want that anymore
28. My kisses can fix the biggest booboo's - just ask my daughter or hubby
29. I'm kinda organized
30. It drives some people crazy
31. Most days I prefer a shower to a bath - even if I have the time to take a bath
32. I like to read
33. I very rarely watch an entire tv show
34. I've been known to talk too much during a movie
35. I always want to know what's going to happen next, and will probably ask you even if we are seeing it for the first time together
36. I don't like coffee
37. Or cappuccino
38. Or anything else coffee-ish
39. I like cooking
40. and baking
41. and I'm very thankful for a dishwasher
42. I don't like to fold the loads of white laundry
43. There are too many of my hubbies under t-shirts and socks which are a pain
44. I don't own a pair of closed toe dress shoes
45. The last time I had a perm was my freshman year in high school and I said I would never ever get another one because they take too long to grow out
46. Sometimes I kinda want to get one again
47. I usually take a shower at night instead of in the morning
48. I can still do a flip on the trampoline
49. I love Jesus with all my heart
50. I still go to youth group on Wednesday nights instead of to the adult class
51. I got a grease spot out of the carpet Monday night and that made me really excited
52. I had tried two other times and it hadn't worked - even with the same cleaner
53. My hair is thicker on one side of my head than the other
54. I very rarely paint my fingernails
55. but my toenails are always painted
56. I've only had one pedicure in my life and I liked it
57. I didn't think I would though (sorry Gina), I'm glad I was wrong though
58. I never moved growing up - lived in the same house my whole life
59. My family doesn't buy beef at a store
60. We butcher cows to eat
61. People think this is weird, I didn't know that for a long time
62. It was always fun growing up because we saw the cousins every Saturday for a month while the adults worked on butchering
63. I'm 5 1/2 months older than my husband
64. The stinker reminds me of it nearly every day
65. My purse is black
66. I probably won't buy another one until this one wears out
67. I like to make cards
68. Riley likes to help
69. I don't really care for the carpet in my house - it's a bit too light for me and not soft enough
70. I bruise easily
71. I have a few moles/freckles but no birthmark
72. My ring fingers are longer than my pointer fingers
73. My pinky fingers are double jointed
74. Sometimes I get frustrated easily
75. I remember when gas was $0.99 per gallon
76. I also remember when stamps were $0.25
77. Both of those make me feel old
78. I have a slight astigmatism in one eye
79. I like to look at flea markets/antique shops
80. I use chapstick at least once a day and probably more like 20 times
81. One of my favorite foods is mac & cheese
82. One of my favorite drinks is OJ
83. I could be addicted to getting Riley's pictures taken if money wasn't an option
84. We should get her newest pics back next week - woohoo
85. I have never colored/highlighted my hair
86. Part of one of my front teeth is fake
87. A mean old (heavy) metal rocking chair broke my tooth when I was little
88. I like almost all Disney cartoons and want to own them
89. I don't have my ears pierced - and never have
90. I'm weird and buy Christmas presents all year long
91. When I was pregnant with Riley my hands swelled so I bought a fake wedding ring at Wal-mart for $8.00
92. I had my 10 year reunion this year - it kinda made me feel old
93. My wedding and anniversary are exactly a week apart
94. I almost always wear a jacket at work - the ac blows right on me and I hate that
95. Even though I don't see them often enough - I love my friends mucho mucho
96. I wish I saw them more
97. Guys - I think we should get together soon, dinner my place?
98. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life (the whole thing)
99. I'm excited about the three day weekend
100. I'm thankful for my readers - thanks for stopping by guys :)


Leslie said...

Happy 100th post to you Rachel! The most shocking fact about you is YOu only have one purse!!!! WTF im mailing you some tomorrow! LOL

Jenn said...

Congrats on your 100th post mine was going to be on tues but then I did two today not thinking and it was my 100 ,so I'll do my list in the morning and make it 101 just because and I'm going to give something away too, I thought about it after Jenelle did it!

Jenelle said...

Yeah, for Rachel! Too bad I have been a very bad blogger lately and didn't comment in time.

I would love to have dinner at your place soon! I miss you mucho! Do you and Joey always have family dinners on Sunday? My boys and I are headed your way (birthday parties at 2:00--Tristan and Justin)...maybe we could go out to eat? Unless your parents object. Love ya!

P.S. Your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger? Hmmm...I don't think I knew that. What a freak of nature you are!