Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Special Prayer for my Grandma

You know, I'm a blessed girl - there are people out there that I don't even know in real life that are praying for people they don't even know - and that just blessed my socks off. You guys don't know how much I appreciate thanks!!! I love this whole blogging community thing!

My Grandma sure is a special lady and I shared how she had surgery on Wednesday and thankfully came thru just fine - since then she has developed a huge blood clot and while the dr's are optimistic because it has softened some (I have no idea what this means) it is still just a tad scary for me at least. She has also developed a slight fever which is ok, but one more thing they are going to have to watch. Please pray, that while she will have at least one more day in the hospital, the dr's are able to get her completely fixed up where the clot is concerned so that when she goes home there is nothing to worry about in that department!!


Jenelle said...

I'm so glad it sounds like things are going well. Keep me posted!

Jenelle said...

If the doctors are going to let her go home in one day I mean...that must mean they don't think there will be problems.