Thursday, August 7, 2008

This time of year nothing is better than........

Homegrown veggies - anything from a garden is just simply better than it's picked-while-it's-green, shipped-in-refrigerated-trucks-from-who-knows-where, counterpart you buy in the store.

The corn is more tender, the tomatoes well taste like tomatoes should, peaches smell so good and are just so sweet you can't get enough, zucchini comes in such abundance that you could never afford to buy from the store and that's just a few - there are so many yummy garden vegetables (that I am thankfully given by those who have a garden since I don't this year - thanks!) that I think I could make a whole meal on just homegrown stuff........yummy.

Riley shares this love and tomatoes happen to be a favorite of hers - watch out if we are at your house and you have tomato plants, she'll probably raid them and eat her finds while you aren't looking.
In fact this little mouse stole the tomato I was getting ready to slice for supper, stole it right off the counter as I turned around to pick up a knife and bowl and ate it apple style.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

I tried growing a garden this summer, but unfortunently with only about a week of sun this WHOLE summer... my plants haven't done well. It has been a cold and crazy summer.

Leslie said...

You have a very smart girl!!!