Friday, August 1, 2008

FFF - Crazy Hair

What a perfect theme for my sweetie, she is definitely not blessed with the kind of hair where you just roll out of bed and go - nope she definitely needs a good squirt of water and probably a pony or two to calm down her locks. And as always (since it is favorite FOTO friday) the proof is in the picture.

Christmas Morning - Dec 07 - 2 yrs

Walla Walla, Washington - Mar 08

Breakfast (no she doesn't normally sit ON the coffee table to eat) - Apr 08

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Becca said...

My daughter eats while sitting on the table all the time! And she does not have hair that is easy, either. It is an everyday battle. Riley is a doll - even with messy hair.

Peace and Hugs,

Leslie said...

She is soo cute messy hair and all!

Have a great weekend,Leslie

Tracy'sspace said...

She is so cute! Great smile!

Emily said...

Awwww, she is so sweet!

Jenelle said...

Love that hair!

I know, I know I still haven't done your meme, I'll do it someday. Even though I haven't written done what you tagged me for, I tagged you today. Actually, I gave you an award. Stop by and see!

Dena said...

that is pretty crazy

Sarah said...

Riley is adorable with her crazy hair!

Robyn said...

Too cute!!