Friday, August 22, 2008

FFF - Friends With Stuffing

Sarah's theme for FFF this week is Friends With Stuffing which for some reason I thought would be super easy. I was surprised how few pictures I could actually find of her with a lovie or a favorite stuffed playmate (maybe that's because she's never had one official favorite......because we all know it's not because I don't take a million pics - ask Walgreens hehe)

Here are some of the first pics I could find with Riley and a stuffed something - a soft basketball that she LOVED - and her daddy loved that she was playing b-ball at such at early age (7ish months)

Ready........shoot (not chew silly girl, shoot)

Next, although not stuffed, Riley LOVED her first purse - so much that she wouldn't even put it down - even when she was sleeping in the car. (9ish months)

Riley did loves this baby an awful lot
and she loved that she rattled when she shook her too
(10 months)
And then there's Kitty John - probably the closest thing that she's had to a lovey in her little life. This guy has seen a lot of miles and been on many trips with us. He's a good soft friend and I love that she took care to even buckle him in on the airplane - because "he needed to be safe too" (almosth 2 1/2 yrs)
PS - Sorry Kitty John, I didn't mean to cut your head off in the picture


MICHELLE said...


Leslie said...

Kitty john is soo cute!!!! I love your pics of your baby and her ball!!! Where did your baby go!!LOL

Sarah said...

Riley is too cute with her fuzzy friends!

Amanda said...

She is so so cute with all her favorites!

Kangamoo said...

I believe the purse looked stuffed to me, so it definitely counts as a friend with stuffing. My kids have lots of friends with stuffing, some of them pretty worse for the wear. They are all teenagers now, and a good purse counts as a friend too.

I was just talking to my 18 year old daughter about how she might not need a bunk bed if we were to find another place for all of her friends other than the top bunk. She was rather resistant.

Debbie said...

What cute pictures of her with her kitty! I like the purse picture too!!


Jenelle said...

Oh my gosh Rachel, what happened to Riley!? She's so big! I know time flies, but good grief. It's funny how I don't really think about how much she's changed until I see baby pictures. Man.

Kitty John made your post! Yeah! My hubby will like that. I was hoping to see Baby Colter. :)

I love you bunches!

Robyn said...

What cute pics!!