Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Plans change.......

We were supposed to be on this boat on Saturday morning - doesn't it look peaceful! This was supposed to be Riley's first ever sailboat ride, and she was prepared with her Dora lifejacket and a reminder that there may or may not be a potty so she might have to hold it for a long time. Ahhhhh, we were excited because our whole family loves sailboats, but we don't know how to sail and we don't have a boat so getting to go on one is always a treat especially when it includes a skipper or captain or whatever you call the good fellow that does all the hard work while you sit back and relax..............ahhhh someday we will own our very own sailboat, I know it.

But did you notice that the lake looks like glass, that's not so good for sailboating since they kinda need wind to go? Did you notice the haze from the incredible heat that was already making itself known at 8:30 in the morning? Did you notice that we really aren't on that boat, it's just anchored in the cove?

Quick change of plans - watch Aunt Sarah run her first ever 5k - woohoo.
I don't remember her time, but she did good and beat lots of people (even some guys which is pretty cool) and with the heat and humidity (remember the haze above) I think it was impressive she ran the whole way, but that's me, the non-runner, talking.

Riley ran a little "5k" of her own too - I was quite impressed when she ran a good 200-300 yds or so - that's a lot of steps for a little gal!! And that's my mom running with her while I stopped to snap a picture, because it's not every day that your 2 1/2 year old runs their first "5k" - and her time, 21:20........so not really, but the ladies were real nice to flip thru their sheets and look up "her time" for her which I thought was sweet, and she thinks that was her time which is all that matters!

The highlight of that hour in scorching heat & humidity was a little wooden airplane that she got from the State Farm table, she loved it.


Kelli said...

Awww...I'm sorry about the lack of wind for your much anticipated sailboat ride. But I bet your support was appreciated at the marathon. I am in awe of people who can run marathons. Great pics too!

Leslie said...

Congrats to Sara for running a marathon..I would love to do that but then i would have to get off of the computer! LOL

Love the pics of Riley running like her aunt! LOL

Rachel said...

Kelli - so excited to hear we may get to go out on another sailboat ride, I think they took pity on the 2 yr old who was sad :)

Leslie - my sis sure was proud (me too)