Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did you know?

Let me start this post by saying my hubby is VERY allergic to bees and wasps so imagine our excitement when we moved in last summer and discovered that our house must have wasp magnets installed or something because they are everywhere. Really, they seem like they are always flying around and we do our very best to control the little buggers before they make any big nests.
Now we are pretty good at finding their "hiding" spots - you know every corner or nook in the soffit (or is it fascia) and we are always armed with lots of this.
And really I'm not picky on the brand - I just want it to shoot far, and kill them. So imagine my surprise as I was sweeping the sidewalk last week (thanks for weedeating honey) and I notice Riley is putting rocks in this bush but I don't really think anything about it.........

That is until she asks what those "buggies" are.........as I turn I see several wasps flying around - yikes - I'm sure Riley putting rocks on them is definitely not their idea of a good time, but they seem to still be in a pretty good mood so I don't get panic, but it gets me wondering where these guys are coming from.

Being a good mom, I ask Riley to stand behind me and I peer into the bush, since that seems like where they are coming from (although I've never in my whole life known wasps to build nests in a bush) and guess what I see.Really - a wasps nest inside the bush.........so we get out the spray and I soak the nest big time and as Riley says "Mommy made the wasps really mad" Then we go on a big hunt all around the house to take care of any more that might have formed in what seems like only a day since we did this (probably a couple of weeks in all fairness) and we did find one more. It did take two soakings to get that nest in the bush, but thankfully Honey, you are safe, I think all the wasps have met their demise.


Stacey and Dewey said...

YUCK wasps are the worst. You go girl going after them your very own bad self. We had to take my hubby to the ER last year for wasp stings. He grabbed a attachment to the tractor and dropped it becuase he thought it was hot. Nope it was wasps that had a nest there and stung him a bunch of times. Poor guy, not fun.
Have a great week!!!
Happy birthday, hope you had a wonderful day!!

Jenelle said...

Icky! I hate wasps. We were attacked by bumblebees today at my house. Well, not really, but the flowers in our garden are the neighborhood bee hotspot, and it makes garden trips a little scary. :)

Rachel said...

Stacey - man, wasps are big meanies aren't they. Glad your hubby did ok (with an ER visit), but I'm still amazed how mean those guys can be! Thanks also for the birthday wishes - I had a great day!

Jenelle - Oohhhh, I hate bees too, especially if they are the big ones! At least you have the prettiest flowers of the neighborhood to attract them.........although I guess the having them is really no prize.