Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pray Pray Pray

You know - God is good. Sometimes I don't understand situations until they are over and sometimes that takes a really long time because I must have an awful lot to learn (like I'm still learning why I've been blessed with these sinus troubles for 2 years now, but I'm trying to be patient) but God is good thru it all. I just want to take a minute to share some prayer requests with you all.......I know there is power in prayer and where we gather together - God can do amazing things!

My Sister-In-law broke her leg a week and a half ago - she could really use some prayer. I've never seen anything quite like it and she is actually still in the hospital. They are hoping to do surgery today, but I haven't heard for sure if they were able to or not. They will be putting in plates and screws and all kinds of things that make me hurt. Please pray for her recovery and her family - that's a lot to deal with. Her little boy is 6 and just started kindergarten - he misses his Mama.

My Uncle works for an electric company. And yesterday a pole snapped which thankfully missed him, but the wires didn't. He's in the burn unit - but they think that he'll be out today (less than 24hrs) and they say that there is no way that he would have lived if the wires were hot. Guess what - they were - but God is good. My Aunt is a prayer warrior!

My Grandma has heart surgery tomorrow - she's a little nervous and so are we. She doesn't always handle anesthesia well and surgery on the heart is always scary. Please pray that the Lord will just guide the dr's hands and that the anesthesia will have no negative side effects on her this time. Also pray as she comes home that things go smoothly. It's hard living by yourself especially when you are still learning to deal with that.

My friend Gina's little boy was diagnosed with the C word earlier this summer (that's Cancer - yikes) and thankfully the Lord watched over him and protected him and one surgery later he is cancer free - but that is still a lot to deal with. The fear of the unknown is strong - please pray for Gina and her family, their life has forever been changed. Her big boy started preschool too which while exciting adds a small amount of mommy stress too.

My friend Jenelle is gonna be a busy lady - she's teaching a few classes at the local college and doing some online virtual teaching stuff too. Until she gets settled in this new routine - life is gonna be crazy busy......well crazy-busier than normal :)

Riley's little friend Emily got her tonsils out last week - they say day six is when it gets really bad because scabs and stuff on the inside start coming off (yeah - did you know that, I didn't) so I think today or tomorrow is day six. She seems in good spirits, but I'm praying the dr's are wrong and day six won't be that bad, that the worst will already be behind them.

There's more I'm sure - I just felt burdened to share these with you all - whoever you might be, whatever your faith - please lift these up.


Sarah said...

You're right, Rachel, God is GOOD. I will definitely lift all these up. There is NOTHING that can't be helped by the prayers of people.

Your friends and family are lucky to have such a strong warrior on their side!

Evan's Mom said...

Prayer is powerful! We had a team of prayer-warriors praying for us throughout our pregnancy, and despite trouble from the beginning, we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy. :-) I'll pray for your friends and family.


P.S. Riley is soooo cute!

Leslie said...

Your friends and family are all in my prayers!!! Prayer is sooo very powerful!!!!!

Kangamoo said...

I will add my prayers to yours.