Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Just Can't Get Motivated

I'm not sure why - I really wanna post - I'm sure somewhere tucked in my brain are some great posts - why won't they come out, is it writers block? I'm sure as soon as I "publish" this post the ideas will start flowing......at least that's what I hope!

I know I have cute pictures, well I think they are cute, but then I'm predjudiced because they are mostly of my sweetie, but surely others would think they are cute.

I have some funny Riley stories - like just last night when I let her eat her peaches with a toothpick and she was suddenly famished and ate me out of house and home in the fruit department - all because it was so fun to eat with a toothpick (might help some of you out there who might have a picky eater, I'm lucky - my girl will eat about anything just because she's an eater!) And I won't mention that she'd just eaten supper 30 minutes before that - and wow did she eat! Maybe she is growing?

Readers - which I'm so excited that I have - stand by, hopefully I'll be out of this funk soon :)

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Kangamoo said...

I have a wide variety of picky eaters, with my youngest being the worst. I was talking with another mother and she suggested, not only fun ways to eat but fun side effects too might get a kid to eat. Like if you have a boy, farting is a great reason to eat broccoli. She has 4 boys all under the age of 8.