Saturday, June 28, 2008

The value of a quarter

Riley loves money - what kid (or adult) doesn't. I actually wish we didn't have money really, because really it is kind of a pain and you can definitely always find more ways to spend it than you can to make it which can cause a whole lot of trouble for some people, but that's a whole different post and I'm rambling again.

As I was saying though, Riley enjoys money - coins, bills, she's not picky, and if you ask her she'll probably give you "Fourty-dollars" which might be a few pennies or a dollar bill. Now because she is a genius, not that I'm partial, she can tell the difference betwen the coins by name, but by value now we haven't quite mastered that yet and I'm really not sure at what age kids usually grasp that.

But on our trip to Branson a few weeks ago - Riley did really learn the value of a quarter. She knows you can get something out of one of the machines (usually - some of them are .50, .75 or even 1.00 - crazy I know), ride on something like this crazy pig pictured above (but sometimes you need two quarters - sigh inflation) and she might even ask you if you have any quarters so she can feed the fish.

Of course we did do other things on the trip too - like cheat at a little mini-golf - but just a little, i was really kind of hard for her.

Talked with her favorite Uncle James (who just happened to have a birthday while we were there and chose to ate at McDonald's for lunch which made Riley's day!)

Watch her first Branson show - Amazing Pets and we made it all the way to intermissions which is pretty good for a two year old if you ask me.......oh I mean two-and-a-half year old (sorry Riley)

Went to the Butterfly Palace where I laughed because they expected her to put on 3-d glasses and watch a 20 minute movie about metamorphis before going in to the actual butterflies (if I remember correctly she HAD to go potty 3 times during that - don't think it kept her interest)

Played at the waterpark (super fun)

And rode on lots of things that cost a quarter.

We had a blast - and learned some math along the way :)

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