Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Riley got to drive a helicopter

Ok - so maybe she wasn't really flying the thing, but she did get to see an Army helicopter, and she did get to sit in the pilot's seat, and she did get to move the joystick looking thing that they use to drive/fly it - so that really is the same thing.........right?

When this thing landed - it was loud and windy!

The kids were so excited (ha) that this is what they thought of it while it was landing

Cousin Cayman opted for covering his ears

Riley just wanted to go inside - look at the look she is giving the helicopter - whew

Then Riley and Cayman decided if the hugged maybe it would make it better - ha

And Carter was just chillin' thru all this - what a big boy

Now...here come the honorary pilots..........

Riley the ever watchful

Evan the cool dude!

Cayman the big silly guy

And last but not least........Colter the almost birthday boy
(now he really did sit in the pilot's seat, but he wasn't happy about it!)

This was a super fun - but incredibly hot and humid time......but I do have to share one more photo (sorry Gina) because it is just too funny. When the helicopter landed, it was loud and windy and Gina had a panic moment looking for Evan - see if you can find him in this picture..........

Yep, right there in her arms..........and she was really concerned I'm telling you :)

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Gina said...

Thanks for sharing with the world Rachel, you can remove that photo and permanetly destroy anytime.
Love you too, (I know you really do)