Monday, June 2, 2008

Locked in the Bathroom

While I was at work this morning I got a phone call from the babysitter, this always makes me a bit nervous because I wonder right off what has happened to Riley - is she sick, have a fever, do I need to make a dr's appt? Thankfully I don't think, what did she do - she really is a pretty good kid (thank you Lord!). Back to my story - Vickie starts, I've got a bit of a situation and we've never really had one like this before.....pause........why is there always a pause.......Riley's locked in the bathroom. I had to chuckle because I was really expecting something much more, well serious in nature - like a catastrophe or an injury or something.

The problem was at 2 1/2 (and don't forget the 1/2 because she sure doesn't, she's not just 2 but 2 1/2) she couldn't quite get the little locked button turned so the door could be open and from the outside Vickie couldn't get the door open either. What a sigh of relief, literally, but I did hop in the car to go and try and help "teach" her how to unlock the door (although it wasn't really a lesson I wanted her to learn just yet. I'm pretty comfortable with the fact that she can't get out of the house at this point all on her own - well unless you count the sliding door and I don't because I could hear that one, I think).

I called Joey on the way and he panicked just a bit - I really called him so he could share in my chuckle, but I had to remind him that it was ok, she would be fine, and that I really called him so he could laugh with me not get laugh buddy (although it was cute that he was a tad stressed for our princess).

When I got to Vickie's my precious baby girl had unlocked the door and been set free, just as she started to get a little worried which was perfect timing (thank you Lord!) and no tears had been shed just yet. I was thankful to be able to give her a hug before her naptime and a BIG high five for being such a big girl.

My favorite part was when Olivia chimed in and told me that Riley had locked herself in the bathroom and Riley looked at her, hands on hips and a bit of an attitude, and said "No, Livie, YOU locked me in the bathroom."

Ooohhhh the cat was out of the bag, my sweet baby girl had been setup. Well not really setup, but she didn't actually lock herself in, she just shut a door that was already locked by a handy-helper.

I wish I have a video or a picture of this little event, but I do not - so here's to a boring, well not boring, but pictureless post, enjoy!

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Jenelle said...

Ha! How funny! I'm glad Riley didn't get too upset. Also glad you didn't have to call the fire department or something! Although that would have been quite a story to tease her with.