Friday, June 27, 2008

FFF - Summer Lovin'

Wow, Sarah always picks great themes, and this one is no exception - Summer Lovin', but I must say the theme song from Grease has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I'd be happy to have something new ;) To see more FFF's go here.

Riley loves being outside - her trampoline - swinging - playing until she's a sweaty mess - SUMMER and all things outside!
I loved this picture of us walking at the zoo
Lovin' on Cousin Cayman after jumping on the wet trampoline
(notice the wet bums)
Riley loves her daddy, and she loves fishing with her daddy too.
This was her first fishing adventure :)
Riley loved the mister at the zoo last week!
I love my girl!


Dena said...

those pictures are sooo cute!

Sarah said...

LOL! I am singing the song all day!! Glad you are enjoying the themes... your pictures are too cute! Love the wet bum pictures - LOL!

Amanda said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. What a great lookin' family! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing. :)

Jenelle said...

The picture of Riley and Caymen is too cute!

Amy said...

Love the last pic of mommy and daugher!

ClarkFamily said...

Rachel that is a great picture of you with Riley! I loved them all but that one was beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebekah, Jaden & Baby#2 TOO!

Kim & Dave said...

Greece went through my head, too.

THe pics are all so fun!

Robyn said...

Great pics!!


Leslie said...

I love hugging and walking pics...They always make me cry!!! Great photos!