Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Cousins Had a Birthday

Riley's twin cousins - Patricia and Kyrstina (and yes I can tell them apart and I'm proud of it too) - had their 5th birthday about a week ago and while it was a very HOT HOT HOT and humid day it was lots of fun!
Here are the birthday girls - all excited, because not only are they having a party, but it really is their birthday today (ok really a week and a half ago, but when I took the pic it was really their birthday)

Here are the kids playing outside - for what seemed like hours upon end - but it really wasn't.

Here's the twins bro Christopher - giving us his best look, confused :)

Here are the birthday girls, "finnnallllly" (quote by Cayman) blowing out their candles so we could all eat cake. The kids were a little antsy and for good reason if you check out the pics below.

And what would a party be without cake? I had to get a pic of each kid and they were supposed to be taking a really huge bite (I'm the aunt, I can get away with things like that)





Riley - she really has a juice box not a big bite of cake because I'm her mom
and I didn't want to clean up that big bite of cake,
but can you see how hot she was Missouri weather at it's finest

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