Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where do fish go potty?

One of Riley's favorite pastimes is feeding the fish at the marina. In fact, she's fairly certain that she must be their only source of food because, they are always hungry when she goes (the secret is the fish will eat whatever falls in the water, even eat your spit not that I've ever tried that). I love that you can feed them your old bread, crackers, popcorn, whatever you have on hand and that if you throw a whole bunch of stuff they splash really big!!!

The crazy fish - I wish you could see how many there really are

One question had never come up until last week though and when it did I was kind of baffled, what do you say when your 2 1/2 year old wants to know "do fish go potty? Thinking I could skate with the easy answer I said "Sure they do honey", which I thought would solve the whole discussion and breathed a big sigh of relief.........then Riley wants to know "where"

Riley has to sample some of the bread too
(and no I never let her eat it if it's moldy)

Ok where do I begin - I really don't want to tell her in the lake, because we live close and I want her to swim there and I'm fairly certain she won't if she thinks the fish pee in it (and I'm never telling her that some people do because that is just gross). Thinking quick we talk about how most animals go potty outside instead of in potties since they don't live in houses.........and it worked - yeah yeah yeah!!!

Riley and Aunt Sarah
See that little jar beside Sarah - she had a friend that couldn't come with her
and so she filled it with lake water which Riley thought was hillarious -
I think her friend did to since she had told Sarah to "bring her the lake"

One cool thing is Riley is learning about math when we feed the fish. She knows that she needs 2 quarters to get a bag of food and that $1.00 will get her two bags of food. I wonder if you gave her a $5 bill what would happen - I bet she'd still only take two bags, but I'm proud she knows that much!

Now what am I gonna do 10 years from now when she asks a really hard where do babies come from......whew this one was bad enough and it only involved fish and pee.............

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