Friday, June 13, 2008

FFF - Bloopers

The theme this week is bloopers for FFF - and I like the creator Sarah kinda had trouble with this one because I'm notorious for deleting the blooper-ish pictures (but I save the other 10 of the very same pose- hahaha). So here goes with what I can dig up ;)

One of my favorites "bloopers" of myself - I had just won 50 tickets with one token at Chuck E Cheese - woohoo

Joey will love me for this one, but I think he was talking at the time

And this one is super fuzzy, but Riley was being Super R (have you seen the show on PBS called Super Y, well we adapted for her since it's one of her favorites) and it's kinda hard to catch a moving target when she's zooming thru the halls at my office


Leslie said...

Those were great! Everyone loves to win!! YEEEHAWWW


Sarah said...

Woohoo for Chuck E Cheese tickets! Love that joy on your face! Great bloopers... Super Riley is beautiful!

Dena said...

love the token look!!

Marianne said...

Everyone loves a winner....would your husband be upset at the picture of him talking or that he was sitting in a butterfly chair. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

Becca said...

Love the Bloopers!

Peace and Hugs,

Jenny said...

That 1st picture is great!