Friday, June 6, 2008

FFF - Disaster Areas

I like Sarah over at Kiss the Frog am kind of a type A personality. I really do like things in their place, most of the time - although my own personal clutter doesn't always count, just ask my hubby who is driven crazy by my junk basket in the kitchen but that's another post - so finding pictures of messes I thought might be a little difficult. Ha - then I remembered what my sweet girl had done on Christmas morning 07

And maybe this is a good time to mention that she did this in like well 2 seconds flat or so

You can check out more entries here and have an awesome day!


MICHELLE said...

Great pictures,enjoy your weekend.

Leslie said...

My girls loved to take all their clothes out of the drawers too...CUTE

Jenelle said...

Colter can empty the dresser in two seconds flat as well. It's crazy--as if I wasn't messy enough before he started helping with the messes. :)